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Christina Mauro


My career in finance started in the fiduciary world at JPMorgan Chase Bank, NA. I prepared personal income tax returns in addition to trust income tax and federal estate tax returns. From there I transitioned to a Trust and Estate Officer for which I was responsible for the day-to-day responsibilities of the post death administrations where JPMorgan was named as executor.

After thirteen years at the Bank, I felt it was time for me to make more intimate connections with my clients and be able to serve them on a more personal level. Hence, I joined Michele at Knight Accounting as a dedicated tax preparer and bookkeeper.


On a personal note, I live in Evergreen with my three boys and our cutie pup Ivy. We love every outdoor activity possible, which means I am grateful for good internet service. I currently volunteer to do the bookkeeping at my Church and for the PTA at my children’s school.


I received my bachelor's degree in Accounting from University of South Florida and obtained my Masters in Taxation from Northern Illinois University. I served in the United States Coast Guard for 8 years. I am currently serving in the Colorado Air National Guard; proud to serve my Community, State and Nation.  I also look forward to serving you!

To Reach Christina:


or call 773-255-7686

About Knight Accounting


Our clients will say that we are not your typical CPA firm.  While there is no such thing as typical these days, we'll still take that as a compliment!


COMMUNICATION: The simplest of these is simply responding to calls and emails.  While it is a sad state of affairs when this is lacking from other providers, but we also do our best to return all calls and emails within 24 hours.  Email is always best, as we are often in client appointments and unable to grab the phone when it rights.

EDUCATION: We also believe that every taxpayer has the right to understand their tax situation.  While others try to justify their work by talking over client’s head and making it all seem complicated, we take a different approach.  We believe that it’s our job to fully explain the details, as many times as it takes, until our clients feel like they understand their situation.  After all, it’s their taxes, not ours, and the key to saving money on taxes is knowledge!

CONNECTION: We do this job because we love people, not paperwork.  Connection is critically important to us.  If you're looking for a formal setting, you won't find it here.  The best part of our job is being able to get to know our clients and help them with their financial situation, far beyond their tax return.  

MEDIA: Because of her straight shooter approach, Knight Accounting's founder, Michele Knight, has been asked to contribute to NPR Marketplace the Wall Street Journal, CNN Money, The National Association of Tax Professionals, the Summit Daily, and Thomson Reuters Continuing Education Programs for accountants.  Each opportunity has been a great opportunity to fulfill our responsibility of helping educate both the public and others in the industry, a responsibility we take very seriously.  Check out the Media & Publishing page for some of our work.

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