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Accounting Resources

Accounting Resources worth checking out:



Sraight from the horse’s mouth, includes Small Business advice section

Colorado Department of Revenue
Forms & FYI’s

Tax Information with a Mother’s Touch

Salvation Army Donation Guide
Suggested thrift store value guide for donated items (guidance only)

The best calculators I’ve found (loans, mortgages, lease vs. buy, etc)

Colorado Business Resource Guide
A must read for new businesses in Colorado

Partners & Community

Michele Knight, CPA thanks the following companies for the excellence they provide to their clients, and highly recommends their services to all:

Sean Hiller, All State Insurance
Auto, Home & Life Insurance for Colorado
(303) 464-9915

Lori Adis, Globe Life Family Heritage

Supplementation Insurance (cancer, ICU, accident and other policies)

(970) 471-0242

IJ Design
Web Design & Internet Marketing
(720) 260-3541

Elizabeth C. Lewis
Attorney and Counselor at Law, specializing in small businesses
(720) 381-1601

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