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Here’s how to reach us:



Please do not call, text or send electronic messages via facebook, facebook messenger, twitter, etc.

Phone: 303-598-4413 (use email, not phone, please)

Fax: 303-374-5665

All Files Should be Uploaded to:


Mailing Address (note: I will NOT be receiving mail until April, so uploading docs is the only way to ensure timely preparation)
USPS / UPS / FedEx

514 Highwood Ter / Box 1271, Frisco, CO 80443

Please choose 3 time options so we can be sure to find a time that works.

2022 Tax Season Updates
  1. Given the state of the world, we have found it most effective to move to an entirely online firm and are no longer doing in person meetings.  We know this presents challenges for many clients, and it’s been a tough decision to make, but given each of our needs to keep our families safe and our stress levels low, we believe this is the best choice.  If scanning documents is tough, we recommend you visit a FedEx or UPS Store, or ask for help at your favorite banker, financial planner or neighbor!  Once you’ve gathered all your documents, these are the preferred ways to send documents over: 

    1. SMARTVAULT PORTAL:   You will only be able to access this portal once you’ve received an invitation, so please check your email for that invite, or email to request a new one.

    2. Email to  

    3. Fax to 303-374-5665.

    4. As an absolute last resort, you can send your physical documents.  COPIES ARE ALWAYS PREFERRED to avoid loss or damage to originals.  Because our local USPS office is not reliable at the moment, we strongly recommend using FedEx or UPS, with USPS as a very last resort.  The address to use is 514 Highwood Ter / Box 1271, Frisco, CO 80443. 

  2. Notes on Sending Files:

    1. When emailing, please try to use PDF format, as photos such as .jpg files are often too blurry to read the fine print that we need.

    2. Please wait until you have ALL documents gathered before sending or uploading your file.  This is the best way to avoid missing documentation.

    3. Be sure to check your online accounts for brokerage and stock trading accounts.  You can generally download a full PDF and save the hassle of scanning individual pages, plus many brokerages no longer mail out documents so looking online is the  best option.

  3. 2022 Tax Organizers are can always be found at  A copy of our engagement letter is available on the website as well, for those to read in advance, but please do not return a signed copy until we ask for it as part of the tax return signatures.

  4. In order to complete your individual tax return on time, I need your information by March 17th. If you need an extension filed, please let me know by April 5th, and then the deadline will be September 15th to submit your information.  Please remember that filing an extension does not extend your payment deadlines, and you may face interest and penalties for late taxes due.

  5. For most effective communications, email is always best.  Mountain living has it’s challenges, and our phone lines are not dependable, even voicemails are coming in 4 – 5 days late!  Please don’t use texts, facebook messaging, linked in, or facetime…consider me old fashioned!  If more than 48 hours goes by and you haven't heard from me, please don’t hesitate to resend the email to be sure it went through.

  6. As always, I will do my best to post updates to the tax laws & tax rates as they happen on my website,   If you are a Facebook user, you can get these updates automatically if you “like” the Knight Accounting & Technology Facebook page.


Communication is always key, so if you are facing delays or challenges on your end, please just keep us posted and we’ll do everything we can to accommodate!

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