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It Can't All Be Unicorns and Rainbows

I'm hoping this page can serve as a way to update our friends and family while Ethan goes through, and recovers, from his Chiari 1 Malformation Decompression surgery on 4/21/16. The short story is this: Ethan's brain is just too big for his head! Almost literally. His skull didn't form quite right, and as a result, his brain has grown past the limits of where it should be and it now extends down into his spinal cord, and is being pinched from 2 directions. If that sounds is.

I love Facebook, but I also think there's a certain level of unicorns and rainbows" attitude that should be applied to Facebook. No one wants to hear the bad stuff, and therefore I will try to share as much happy news as I can, but I also apologize in advance for any scary, unpleasant or sad things that are included. Unfortunately, the reality of what Ethan is facing right now is very uncertain, and while we all hope and pray for a good outcome, it is definitely not a guarantee.

Starting Thursday, April 21st, I will try to post a daily update! (and between now and then, I'm working on a write up to give a little more detail about the journal has been on so far...needless to say, brain surgery wasn't the first step on this long road!)

If anyone wants to send a card (Ethan likes anything with Star Wars, especially Kylo Ren, Broncos football, and penguins!), we'll be at the following hotel next to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN from 4/19 through 4/27:

Homewood Suites

Attention: Michele Knight

165 13th Ave SW

Rochester, MN 55902-0349

For now, i'll just leave 2 of my favorite pics...this kid is quite the trooper and i couldn't love him one bit more!

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