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Day 2, A Whopping Success

Ethan is an overachiever in everything he does, so why would surgery be any different? He is expected to be in the hospital for 3 - 5 nights, but here we are at the beginning of the 2nd night and he's already met his discharge requirements (eating, drinking, peeing, and walking). I'm sure they'll keep him at least another night, but it's definitely not looking like a 5 day stay and he is thrilled about that!

He moved from ICU to the peds floor today, but since he was doing so well, they stuck him in the teenager unit of the floor instead of the section for younger kiddos...definitely a plus since it's a lot quieter! The nurses all adore him. Tonight's nurse asked him if she could use a flash light to test his pupils, and he helped her out by holding his eyes open for her. Apparently, most kids aren't quite this cooperative :-) He also has the concept of the numeric pain scale memorized, and he often answers using fractions and decimals, like "my neck's a 2.5 right now". Needless to say, adorable is an understatement! I've been through enough surgeries to know that i'm not usually anywhere near this happy on the 2nd day!

Jacob has been a great supporter for Ethan and is handling it all very well.

Ethan voluntarily took a walk around the room and even used the toilet. We're hoping tomorrow morning we can make it to the play room for some fun!

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