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Here We Go Again!

Unfortunately (although that word seems like an understatement!), Ethan had his 6 month MRI last week and the doctor called me to say that too much scar tissue formed, and the area between his spinal cord and the back of his spine are compressed again, so we are heading back to the Mayo Clinic next week! This picture is from his first trip back when he was 2...who knew we would become frequent fliers!

Will start posting again 10/27 when the action begins again, thanks to all for the prayers and support. This little man of mine has had a wonderful summer, but the aspiration began again a few weeks ago, so this isn't coming as a total surprise, nor is it anywhere near optional. The doctor has warned me that it will be tougher this time around due to the extra step of removing scar tissue, so while i wish I could have my fingers crossed for good luck, the realist in me is anticipating a slightly rougher go-round the 2nd time!

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